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 Growing up I was about as un-vegan as it is possible to be. I pretty much at meat, potatoes, and pizza, corn sometimes, and possibly a Cesar salad. As the years went on my mother became a vegetarian, and then my sister became a vegetarian, and then my best friend became a vegetarian. I however at that point lived off of pretty much chicken fingers, and mini pizzas. You know, the life of a young bachelor.

Then I met my ex-wife who also happened to be a vegetarian. Not long after we had a son, and then a couple years following that a daughter. Now being married, and having kids meant that I started eating better. Being married to a vegetarian meant that I started trying new things, and finding out that I really liked a lot more than I thought I had. Still I was eating meat, and only starting to find my way into the world of veg, so often we would end up making a meal for me, a meal for her, and a meal for the kids. Now this started to get a little bit ridiculous, and since I did my share of the cooking I started searching for meals that we would all enjoy, or if not the kids at least the grown ups.

This all went very well for awhile, and I was finding many veggie dishes I like, and expanding my cooking skills, while eating less and less meat. Then my ex got a job where she was driving past veal calves every day and came to the decision of becoming fully vegan. I had to start the whole process over again! It was not long until I had fully given up meat, and began to slowly work away at the other animal products such as eggs and cheese. It was during this time that I really began to love cooking, and enjoying the challenge of finding new ways to make the dishes that I had always loved. I think in part it was as much the love of the challenge and the fun of making food work that I went fully vegan, as it was everything that I began learning about the agriculture industry and they way that animals are treated.

It was a little while after this that I began playing around with building websites, and decided to start putting some of the recipes I was creating online. And that is how Vegan Daydream was born. Now I continue to play with food, and when I find something that works and I am proud of I add it to the site so that people everywhere can see living a vegan lifestyle does not mean that you have to suffer.

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  1. Thank you for sharing these great vegan recipes!

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